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Since 1990 and with over 225+ aircraft delivered to date, IEAG’s independent 30,000 square foot paint facility boasts separate preparation and paint bays, humidity and temperature control, and a 3 stage intake filtration / 3 stage exhaust filtration system. The filtration system is computer calibrated to ensure a consistent 100’ per minute cross draft is attained while applying the paint system to realize a superior adhesion and finish.

6S compliant in its design, our environmentally friendly facility operates with its own water treatment plant and carbon filtration systems on site.

From ceiling drop down utilities that remove trip hazard air lines and dust collection, to custom adjustable racking for variable aircraft dimensions, the facility serves as a leading edge facility providing the utmost safety to staff and aircraft alike.

A class-leading, technologically advanced paint facility combining a variable speed and electrostatic paint capability with a sophisticated ventilation and cross-draft systems for cleaner applications, better adhesion, and less paint waste – all coming together to deliver the finished paint product your aircraft deserves.