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Technology & Flight Operations

April 2022

IEAG’s Patrick O’Brien, Manager of Flight Operations, recently appeared on an episode of the Aviation Growth Podcast with founder Greg Heine and covered a wide-range of topics including:

  • Selecting the right technology partners for your flight operation
  • Building their own Execaire App & the importance of API integrations
  • A modern approach to streamlining jobs for pilots, flight operations, and maintenance teams
  • Managing the adoption & implementation of new technology (ie. Web Manuals, FuelerLinx)
  • Reducing operational risk through proper organizational communication
  • CORSIA, SAFs, and a realistic approach to aviation sustainability.
"Some companies think of themselves as flight operations companies. Personally, I believe Execaire is customer service company with a flight operations group. We are continuing to find ways to improve our clients' experience, curate that experience, and build something that they want and like.
That is key for us in continuing to evolve as a company.”

Patrick O’Brien, Manager of Flight Operations