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The Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group has been selling new and preowned business aircraft for over 60 years, allowing us to be North America’s premier aircraft sales & acquisitions organization.

IEAG’s expertise allows us to be the industry leading experts in USA/CANADA cross-border new aircraft transactions, having represented over 150 new aircraft delivered from different OEM aircraft manufacturers and numerous pre-owned aircraft acquisitions.

Aircraft acquisitions

As North America’s leading aircraft acquisitions organization, we have facilitated over 150 new aircraft deliveries from all major OEM’s, as well as numerous pre-owned aircraft sales.

Our dedicated and experienced team of transactional experts is qualified to guide you through all aspects of aircraft transactions from pre-buy inspections, initial offer, purchase agreement, closing, importation, and more.

With over a half-century of transactional experience, you can rest assured of an outcome that will be as-prescribed and delivered to you with the highest level of integrity.

Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales

Through our team of highly experienced and uniquely qualified aviation professionals you gain access to our preferred network of aviation professionals, aircraft owners and operators, as well as our robust network of dealers and brokers, positioning your aircraft for a successful transaction.

We have in-house capabilities for pre-buy inspections, technical evaluations, legal, and are able to facilitate trades on your behalf.

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